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Here is a link to one of my explanations (this & more below) of "How We Exist, The Genesis of Relativity" itself, even how God came into existence and exactly how He created all of Existence!: https://www.facebook.com/GenesisofRelativity/posts/2059442387487641

#1) HTML Tag/Element Reference: www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_link.asp
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#3) HTML Tag values: www.3schools.com/tags/tag_meta.asp
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#5) HTML Styles and CSS guide: https://www.w3schools.com/html/html_css.asp
#6) CSS Tutorial: https://www.w3schools.com/css/default.asp
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"HERES A WEBSITE TOOL, to turn text into html, to help automatically build Webpages, & links to resources"...
TO USE WORDPRESS AS A TOOL TO GENERATE HTML QUICKLY, from a bunch of text with URLs in it, you can start a new post like this one, copy the text into this body section (give it some title above), then click "Preview", then right-click and choose to "View Source" for that page, then you can use Ctrl+F to find which lines the first and last words or phrases in your text quickly, then CAREFULLY Copy and Paste that text from this into your text file (.html, etc.), and make sure all the opening and closing tags are matched, like this:

<!-- This is how to do 'comments' in html. -->
<!-- In .css files its:
/* This instead. */

<!-- And when using tags with no closing tag its best to add a space and fwd slash like this:
<br />

<!-- And when using file references remember the first slash here here: /foldername/filename means go to ROOT directory, so leave that 1st slash off, and go to the parent folder (up one) use: ../foldername/filename -->

You can also use 'Find and Replace' (Ctrl+H in some programs) to replace all of one string of characters, like all of one tag at once, including replacing with nothing therefore deleting all copies of any string in a whole document.

You can also use Ctrl+F in programs which show how many results found to compare opening and closing tags to insure there are the same numbers, and make sure you check and insure these are all correct.

And when setting formatting in the style tag or css it seems best to use 'em' instead of 'px' or other units of measurement because that means size=1 is the same size as the Capitol M, thus it scales in proportion to the text.

For the Creation of a Virtual Reality:
I also am trying to 'Crowd Source' the creation of a Virtual Reality where we can build and test inventions using real physics (like in CAD) and files which real machines like CNCs and 3D Printers can use in the real world, and I want to especially use this VR to SHOW everyone how we can make "Government" actually fulfill its purpose by teaching everyone these "fundamental principles" of "the common law" and OUR "supreme Law of the Land" in the US, by learning how to PROFIT from prosecuting our hired Public Servants for everything they "make or enforce" or "neglect to prevent" "to the Contrary" of "the supreme Law of the Land" by "intent or inexcusable neglect" when they "reasonably should know". I HAVE made my Local Police and sheriffs agree not to enforce a LOT of harmless "offenses" and imagine if we can show the rest of the world how to do the same now!!! So lets include a link to a Facebook post on this, and where to get the 'UnReal Game Engine" free to help build this (FYI You dont need to type code to build this VR! It has a Graphic User Interface/GUI so you can change options in dropdown menus to build things!)...

It may be a little while before I learn enough about programming to come actually make this Virtual Reality I have planned here, but I plan to Start with a Forum so everyone can work together to contribute Code and Textures, so we can make a Virtual Reality based on actual Laws of Physics, where we can produce actual make-files which can be used in real machines like CNCs and 3D printers to produce the devices we develop and test (and 'Play' with) in the VR World!

I plan to start off by emulating games like 'Space Engineers', so lets begin with links for learning how to create our own objects in that game, and start there...

Space Engineers Visual Script Builder, Make your own custom scripts without writing a single line of code.







And some links to HOW I plan to learn Ruby 'on Rails' and then 'C-Sharp'/C# so that I can make these websites and programs, so we can build ACTUAL WORKING devices in the REAL World, but play with them and fight and battle in the VR world like in games like 'Border Lands', all we want!

AND...I plan to make 'Constructors' which process Raw Earth and Human Scrap/Waste products back into useful materials, so we can make anything we want, and clean up the poisons and waste we leave in land fills... So maybe we can build an area to have 'battle bots', which use paint and laser weapons (So we dont endanger surrounding areas, with projectiles or explosives or toxins), which automatically clean up waste/broken parts and process them back into useable parts!

If you would like to donate to help make all this happen sooner,
Here is a Donation button...

Links to other videos I plan to learn Ruby from First...
"OTHERWISE, I plan to watch about 15 hours of videos (over two days probably), to learn to program, and work on my website, and also seek more work doing that for others (With my friend who already does that, who is really good at it, and is teaching me).
I think this was one of the videos I'm planning to watch...

Bootstrap Tutorial - YouTube

And here are the other 12 Videos to Learn Ruby, 'on Rails'..
12 Web Apps in 12 Weeks

Particularly the first one, and the one on how to make a forum...
How to build a Reddit or Hacker News Style Web App in Rails 4

How To Build A Forum In Rails 4

And btw, I'm getting these Links from my Facebook Posts, where I'm collecting 'sources of authority' for these 'LawDocs' which SHOW you how to 'GovernPublicServants' #LIKEaSOVEREIGN, and PROVE that ALL 'victimless crimes' and MOST 'civil offenses' are NOT 'Constitutional'.... And Videos where I DEMONSTRATE how to tell cops why they cant ever give me any 'civil citations' or prosecute me for any 'victimless crimes', without becoming PERSONALLY Liable for 'neglect to prevent' 'any Thing' they 'reasonably should know' is 'to the Contrary' of these 'Fundamental Principles' of 'the supreme Law of the Land', which two COPS have told me now is 'over 90 percent' of what they do!
And I am for hire to do this stuff for others now too! (Msg me through facebook for now)...

Get these 'LawDocs' and links to all my pages (And the video of the first of many times I made a cop THANK ME for explaining why I didnt even need to tell him my name, thus could not finish the ticket he was ALREADY WRITING!...AND HE THANKS ME AND LEAVES!)...
...for now @ www.GovernPublicServants.com

Here is the 'Pinned Post' on https://www.facebook.com/GenesisofRelativity/ where I have posted my more recent explanation of 'How We Exist, The Genesis of Relativity', my 'Unifying Theory of Everything:

I JUST made this new one here, 11/1/2019...
I just made this site to share my Theory of Everything, which includes the origin, nature, and fate, of ALL things we know or believe to exist, including God Himself...


Here is a link to the rest of my 'Notes'...

In the future, after I finish some current projects (Starting businesses, starting a trend of learning how to "GovernPublicServants" #LIKEaSOVEREIGN, using "FundamentalPrinciples" of law and "AdministrativeRemedies"), I plan to come back to this, and learn advanced calculus, then render this theory in an equation, and test it on a computer, which will visually render HOW existence came into being....
And it will look a LOT like the Flower of life pattern.
I'll show how atoms look like that in the next post on the Nemescope....

And here are some more recent comments on this theory: https://www.facebook.com/harleyborgais/posts/10214535849350099?comment_id=10214536252640181&reply_comment_id=10214848139597160 "